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Richmond Chandelier and Pendant Lighting in Staten Island, New York (NY)
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Due to the strategically located headquarters on the northern tip of Staten Island, Richmond Chandelier services the NY and NJ areas effortlessly. We will ship to any point in the USA or worldwide on a moment's notice. We also rank high on the list of authorized venders to many different City of NY agencies such as the Dept. of General Services, the Dept. of Corrections and many others. Our full line lighting showroom, which has more than double in size over the years, serves the needs of both the residential & commercial markets. Our teams of lighting experts are always available and ready to offer recommendations and resolutions to the most complex situations. Most lighting fixtures, lamps, controls and related products are readily available for immediate purchase right over the counter. As the business grew, the need to expansion was essential. A huge warehouse solely for electrical supplies was erected across the street. The new addition, afforded Richmond Chandelier the opportunity to increase their inventory levels to be consistent with the needs of the electrical contracting firms. Today Richmond Chandelier is the supplier of choice. its success was not only built on competitive pricing but it's the "In stock position" and "Friendly service" that keeps everyone coming back.
Richmond Chandelier
61 Port Richmond Ave Staten Island, NY 10302
Phone: 1 (800) 817-5520
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Richmond Chandelier | 61 Port Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302 | Phone: 1 (800) 817-5520
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm Est | Sunday: Closed
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